Hi, my name is Cassaundra Fitch.  I’m a singer-songwriter based in Detroit.  With so much pressure from others to look and be perfect, I often ask myself is it enough just to be me?

My Story

Growing up I never really had a problem with my skin. Of course, I had a few breakouts here and there but nothing major.  When I went to college that all changed…I began to develop severe acne.

It got so bad I didn’t want anybody to see my face.  My little brother told me “my friends don’t think you are pretty anymore.”  That just about crushed me.

Even skin care professionals have said hurtful things.  I can remember going to the dermatologist and a nurse came in and looked at my face filled with acne and said “what happened?!”  Another esthetician I visited said “it’s a pity you have so much acne because you are a pretty girl.”  These people were supposed to be helping me.  I would come out of these appointments and look at my face without any makeup on and just start crying.

I hated looking at myself.  It felt like nobody understood what I was going through.  No matter where I was, a party, class, or even hanging out in my dorm, all I could think about was how my face looked.  I would even wait until my roommate went to bed before I washed my makeup off.

What I’ve Tried

I tried everything to make it better; accutane, eating gluten-free, microdermabrasion, IPL Laser and different cleansers.  I’ve easily spent over $2,000 trying to clear my face.  While no one thing worked, I found that combing some of them helped.

I currently do microdermabrasion, IPC Laser, Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating cleanser and Clinque Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion.  Currently my face is a lot better, but I still get breakouts and I worry about the red marks I have from previous breakouts.

This Campaign

None of us are perfect and we all struggle with things about ourselves.  I want this website to be a place we can all come and just be ourselves unmasked, raw and real.  I want to provide that place where people can openly talk about their insecurities and connect with others who have the same.  

We can all help one another be happy with who we are.  To be barefaced :)

Cassaundra with acne

Cassaundra Fitch is a singer-songwriter from Detroit.
Visit Cassaundra.com to learn more.