Baby Steps

Baby Steps

“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.”

When you haven’t been living your life the way you want to and bad habits tend to linger on, it can be hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel. It is easier to build off of success then it is to build off of failure. But the trick is to take that first step!

Bad habits, including procrastination, self-degradation, poor eating, lack of exercise, etc….can be BROKEN. It is up to you to make a FIRM decision to live and/ or think differently. Of course breaking a habit is difficult and takes some serious dedication but the best part is, it can be done, in baby steps!

Some bad habits of mine that I was able to get under control were my poor eating and exercise habits. Believe me, it was hard. I love, LOVE, love food. To the point where sometimes I go to bed excited to eat breakfast in the morning (no shame). But instead of loving junk food, I now LOVE healthier options :) I am able to satisfy my food cravings and eat healthy at the same time. It’s a combination of educating yourself on proper foods to eat, exploring ways to cook great tasting healthy food, keeping a food diary and DEDICATING yourself to the decision you have made to stay healthy (I will write a more detailed version of my day to day diet soon). ?? You just have to take that first step, which isn’t easy, but it is possible. And building your health day by day will leave you with long term results. As far as exercising, I completely stopped after high school. During college I gained a lot of weight and started to break out like crazy. That is when I changed my diet. But diet is only half the battle! It was after college that I started to focus on my fitness. It was in small increments, beginning with yoga a couple times a week from an app on my phone (they have an app for anything these days), to then buying an at home workout plan, and finally going to the gym every day. My gym workouts include a mixture of both cardio and strength training. The goal is not to be skinny, but to be healthy, and build those lean muscles! My body now craves exercise, where as before I HATED it. It was so boring and disheartening when I didn’t see results. After about a year of developing my fitness, bit by bit every day, I now feel stronger and healthier. Those baby steps in the beginning paid off! It is important to educate yourself, dedicate yourself and trust the journey.

Some things that I work on daily include procrastination and maintaining a positive outlook on life and with myself.It is a dog eat dog world out there and it takes hard work to stay positive. It is a matter of CHALLENGING your thoughts and working out your brain just as if you were working out your body. I dedicate serious time to turning negative thoughts into positive ones. When I start wandering off into a bad mood, feeling bad for myself, or feeling lazy, I have to remind myself that I have the POWER to change these emotions. Because they are just that, emotions, feelings and mental patterns.

The reason I talk about these things is because these are things I struggle with and have struggled with in the past. The struggle is real! And I want you to know that you are not alone :)

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  • Cass,

    It is so cool to see everything that you have been doing. I love this post so much because I relate so much! I do yoga 5 hours a week and am taking a core strength class. When I move home in December I would love love LOVE a workout buddy and someone to do fun fitness things with! Even though we’re 25 min apart it would be so cool! You’re great Cass and i’m so lucky to have you as a friend! (aww)

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