You are what you eat. I truly believe this! When I first went to Michigan State I would eat anything and everything I found in the cafeteria. However, after my acne condition came about, I quickly changed my diet. I ended up studying Dietetics (nutrition) at MSU to help cure my acne from the inside out. It is really important to pay attention to your body is telling you. Some foods may irritate your digestive process. When your body is out of balance, it can show on your face.

1. Gluten free/ allergic reactions: I realized that my body is sensitive to gluten. I know that it currently seems like just a health fad, however, in some cases gluten can really disrupt your digestive health leading to fatigue, bloating, depression, etc. Since I have cut gluten out of my diet I feel more awake, I do not break out as much, and I just feel healthier in general. When body and gut feels balanced and healthy, so does my face. However, for the most accurate results, you should really check with your doctor to see if you have a gluten sensitivity. Allergies to certain foods may also be causing you to break out. Pay attention to what your gut is telling you, experiment with your diet, or visit a doctor to help with your overall health!

2. Overall Healthy Diet: I noticed when I eat healthier and my body feels good, my face feels good as well. I really try to watch my portion sizes, have the appropriate amount of protein and healthy fats and fruits and veggies. To help put your diet in perspective, a great resource is, where you can track your diet and also read about different types of foods. If you are able to download apps on your phone, “MyfitnessPal” is also a great one.

3. Resources: There are other doctors who have the same view as I do about skin conditions being related to diet. One of them is a dermatologist known as Jessica Wu. She currently has a book out called “Feed your Face.” It is a fantastic read! If you would like to do your own research on the subject of acne and diet there are plenty of great resources out there.

This is my favorite Cauliflower Soup recipe from Yummy Healthy Easy. I hope you love it as much as I do! Click here to see the recipe! 


  • Hi Cassaundra,
    I am loving your post.
    Our skin is a good indicator of what is going on inside.
    I totally gave up wheat and all whole grains.
    I am now totally loving a good medium rare ground sirloin with apple and pineapple chunks inside.
    I’ve lost inches from my waist and I don’t even notice my joints anymore.
    Grease doesn’t make me groggy – wheat does.
    Who would have known?
    I am so busy feeling good, I don’t miss the donuts.
    I do use Buckwheat for pancakes which is a member of the Rhubarb family.
    Agave for syrup.
    Margaritas instead of Jack
    White Bordeaux instead of beer.
    Pizza toppings, but no dough.
    Anyone looking for a truly knowledgeable doctor in Michigan: Dr. Ng in West Bloomfield.
    Hope this message is of value to you.
    I love your posts,

    • Thank you so much Steve!! I love hearing similar success stories :) That medium rare sirloin sounds delicious. And awesome I will have to check that doctor out. I really appreciate your comment!! Great stuff.


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