Hello Barefaced Community!

Thank you so much for being a part of this campaign. I am so excited for what is to come.

Cassaundra with acneJust wanted to begin by showing you a picture of myself about three years ago, when my acne was pretty severe. As of today, I still struggle with breakouts here and there and have a few red marks, but in this blog post I wanted to focus on the emotional scarring rather than just the physical marks that acne leaves.

Having acne brought me to very dark places, left me feeling unworthy, ugly, and depressed. I remember sitting at the computer looking at pictures of  beautiful girls on Facebook and Instagram, wishing so much I could be like them. However, I have realized that all I was aspiring to were images, to fabricated beauty. I always thought that attention from guys or having nice pictures to post on social media websites and feeling more confident about myself physically would truly make me happy. After getting to a place in my life where I have overcome most of my acne and have calmer skin, I can tell you that being able to take pretty pictures and feeling more confident about my face is NOT EVEN CLOSE to what makes me happy.

Believe me I understand that acne SUCKS, and it hurts both physically and mentally, and I will be happy to share with you tips on how I was able to overcome my battle with acne. But I truly believe that happiness does not come from how clear our skin is, or how skinny we are, or how neat our hair is, or how many likes we have on social media websites. I find happiness in love, in the truthful and amazing relationships I have with the people around me, investing time into my passion, making goals, writing music, learning about nutrition, staying healthy, cooking, reading books, watching sunsets, taking long car rides, traveling. Basically, I enjoy life happening around me, MY life, not this made up life that society puts into our heads. We are more than just an image, we are more than a pretty picture on Facebook. We are beautiful, perfectly imperfect human beings who are worthy, and deserving of happiness, no matter what we look like. And honestly, who cares if some random guy calls you pretty on a picture you post on Instagram. What makes you beautiful is your heart and your intelligence, and your perfect imperfections, not some filtered selfie.

On a final note, I have been through a lot of bullying, and people who put you down or make fun of you in any way aren’t deserving of your time to begin with. So my final words to people out there who suffer with insecurities and bullying, is to forget the haters and focus on the blessings in your life and the people that matter.

And remember that you are beautiful :) :)

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