Topical Acne Treatments

Hello Barefaced!

Thank you again for visiting my site :) I am excited to share with you some treatments that have helped my acne condition.

Topical Treatments

I have tried A LOT of face washes, lotions, etc.  A lot of them just irritated my face and made matters worse. Also, I don’t think there is one product that is perfect for everyone. We all have different skin types, so the products I use may not work for you. But I would love if they did so I think it is worth a try! Here are some of my favorites.

  1. Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating Cleanser: I have really sensitive combination skin that can be both oily and dry. I also have left over red marks from acne, general redness and skin that is easily irritated. This cleanser is great because it nourishes your skin while removing excess dirt, oil, and makeup. All I want is for my skin to feel balanced and calm and this cleanser does just that. It also has some great reviews online so I think its worth a try!
  2. Clinique dramatically different moisturizer: It is really hard to find a good moisturizer that feels light on your face. This is great because it soaks right in, feels light and calms the redness in my skin.
  3. Eradikate Spot treatment: My favorite spot treatment is Kate-Somerville’s “Eradikate” spot treatment. I can actually FEEL the sensation of the pimple being treated by this amazing stuff. It really helps to get rid of that bacteria and calm the acne. It can be drying though so make sure not to use it excessively.
  4. Freeman Charcoal and Black Sugar Polishing Mask: I try and exfoliate my skin about twice a week. This stuff is very inexpensive, smells great, feels great, and gets the job done.

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